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Holona Lui - Director

Trish Lui - Director

Trish and Holona Lui are Directors of Catalyst Pacific Ltd, a learning and development, and communications consultancy, which specialises in "Building Effective Cross-Cultural Communications for High Performance."

Trish and Holona have used a variety of TMS tools particularly the Team Management Profile (TMP), for many years with a wide variety of culturally diverse teams.

"We are very confident in using TMP in a cross-cultural context and often promote and position TMP as a tool that can be used effectively with cross-cultural teams to help organisations to achieve their business goals."

"In our experience as a cross-cultural couple, family and business, TMP has proved an invaluable tool in helping people to better understand themselves and others. It provides a great platform for people to appreciate their own and others' respective cultural values. It helps people to explore how they can get the best from the way they work together both with and for their clients."

TMP offers an effective process to help teams find common ground and paves the way for a wider conversation about the different cultural values and dimensions that may be subconsciously at play in their work environment.

Using TMP is a 'safe' approach because it explores work style preferences in a non-threatening way. We have found that exploring work-styles is often a great ice-breaker. It provides an entry point that encourages people to appreciate and understand the diversity in their teams initially from a work style perspective then onto an exploration of cultural values.

Through TMP team members become far more engaged and receptive to the insights the tool can bring. The process is an enriching experience that gives people greater insight into the factors that influence the dynamics of their team and ultimately contributes to their organisation's performance and productivity.

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