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Pernod Ricard New Zealand
Haylee Money

Haylee Money - Organisational Development Manager

Haylee is the Organisational Development Manager at Pernod Ricard New Zealand. Pernod Ricard leads the market in premium wines and spirits, its international brands include; Brancott Estate, Stoneleigh, ABSOLUT, and Jameson to name a few! In her role as OD Manager she is responsible for people development, internal communication and culture development:

We have been utilising the TMS tools for over 8 years with a focus on TMP and 360’s.

Group Managers & Teams
Instrument Used Team Management Profile
Outcomes TMP is a great tool to develop self-awareness and an understanding of how each person works in the team. Our employees have responded very well to TMP which provides a fun, interactive framework.

Group Managers & Teams
Instrument Used Team Diagnostic Profile
Outcomes Team Diagnostic Profile is use to improve team effectiveness as a next step for those teams that have already been through TMP. I have found it easy to use and have received great feedback from the teams who have been through it, it offers an easy framework to focus development activities.