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Hilary Bryan - Facilitator

Kristen Gyorgak - Facilitator

Dinah Vincent - Facilitator

We're here to provoke fresh thinking and create new futures. How? By bringing fresh ideas and thought leadership to the work we do with individuals, teams and organisations.

We're accredited in the full range of TMS assessments. They're sound and insightful. And they form the start of all-important conversations people need to have with themselves and then with others.

We bring a strong voice and encourage others to develop theirs. We continually raise the bar and make sure others do so too. We're fresh and edgy and encourage others to take on new ideas and ways of working.

Group Individuals & Teams
Instrument Used Team Management Profile Window on Work values
Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP) Team Member 360
Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile (ESI) Strategic Intelligence Assessment (SIA)
Star Performing Team Profile Team Diagnostic Profile
Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO2)