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Maxine Walker

Maxine Walker - Consultant

Maxine specialises in supporting leaders and their teams to be clear on what they want to achieve with their business. She facilitates a wide range of teams across various sectors to make sure they are aligned on the changes they need to make to achieve their vision. Team Management Services tools are at the heart of helping her to do this.

A core philosophy that drives her approach is that once a client has invested in TMP or WoWV, they should get the most out of that investment as possible. This means that Maxine takes the tools beyond the initial awareness of individual and team preference, and uses them on a weekly basis to frame meetings, build strategy and direct individual and team efforts into 'the right part of the wheel' when needed.

Maxine's background is in business improvement and change management and she regularly uses Team Management Profiles and Window on Work Values profiles to compliment her experience in embedding performance improvement frameworks in organisations.

Group Managers & Teams
Instrument Used Team Management Profile
Outcomes The Team Management Profile is used systematically to develop an effective business strategy for a leadership team. This starts with 'What information do we need to know?' and 'What do we need to do differently?' right through to 'How will we measure our success?', and 'What systems do we need to utilise to maximise our performance?'

Group Managers & Team Members
Instrument Used Window on Work Values Profile
Outcomes The Window on Work Values tool is a real favourite. It allows for a deeper conversation about team awareness, and can also be extended out to think about what drives different customer and stakeholder groups. Subsequently this enables the development of meaningful customer and stakeholder strategies.