Consultant Showcase
Chorus Team

Claire Nolan - Learning & Development Advisor

Phillippa Powell - HR Advisor

Daan Kaur - Recruitment Manager

Kim Culpan - HR Manager

Our team is accredited in the Team Management and Windows on Work values Profiles. The language of TMP in particular is now entwined in our fabric at Chorus, and our people actively use the tool for personal development as well as effectively communicating and collaborating with others.

Claire Nolan is passionate about creating a working environment where people can continuously learn, collaborate and innovate. Being a Learning & Development Advisor allows her to do just that. Claire has worked in Learning and Development and generalist roles in various industries and sectors.

Phillippa Powell is an HR Advisor on the HR team, and supports the Administration functional group. She also partners with employees and Executive steering groups to deliver on key Wellbeing and Diversity and Inclusions initiatives.

Daan Kaur joined Chorus as the Recruitment Manager and is the lead in ensuring that the company has the resources and talent to deliver on its business strategy. Daan partners with People Leaders to support them with any resourcing support they need and provides expert advice for the wider HR team.

Kim Culpan business partners with some of our larger functional groups and is part of our HR leadership team. Kim has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing and healthcare, and provides support and advice to the business, as well as setting our people up for success.

Group Everyone
Instrument Used Window on Work values
Outcomes Supported the design of Chorus' values, provided everyone with an understanding of what their personal values were, a team view and an organisational view. This provided a consistent language for people to use when designing the values that would make Chorus successful and unique.

Group Teams
Instrument Used Team Management Profile
Outcomes Individuals and their people leader understand preferences to provide a tool for greater understanding of the individual, drive strengths based conversations, and a platform for team building.