Consultant Showcase
Tania Gough

Tania Gough

Consultant and Facilitator – Gough and Associates

Tania's areas of expertise include team development, group facilitation, individual skills coaching, workplace problem solving, design and development of HR frameworks, employment relations and change management. She has held a range of human resource management and consultancy roles in the New Zealand public, private and not-for-profit sectors in the last twenty years.

Tania is passionate about people being successful at work and has coached and mentored many people, giving them skills, tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of the workplace.

Tania is an experienced facilitator and has developed and delivered a range of leadership, coaching and team development workshops. Tania regularly facilitates the Navigator Leadership Development Programme at Outward Bound.

Group Individual's & Teams
Instrument Used Team Management Profile
Outcomes Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of individual work preferences in order to develop better working relationships amongst team members and other key stakeholders.

Group Leaders
Instrument Used Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP)
Outcomes Helps individuals to better understand strengths, weaknesses and gain insights into how others perceive them. This awareness creates an opportunity for individuals to adjust their behaviours and to develop skills to enhance their performance and careers.