Consultant Showcase
Anna Thomson

Anna Thomson

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Coach

Until recently, Anna has worked as a Senior Business Advisor, Policy Group, Ministry of Justice. Anna has worked extensively with the teams in the Policy Group and the Group as a whole with TMS. Anna is now focussing on her business ‘Roar Fierce Limited’ as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Coach (accredited by the Australia New Zealand Institute of coaching in Abundance Coaching) and in the future, Counsellor.

Anna's business incorporates holistic health, team and individual coaching. Anna is affiliated with YB12 Coaching ( and is able to use her TMP skills when working with teams or individuals alongside those of YB12.

Anna loves working with teams to help them understand team dynamics, individuals to see what makes them 'tick' and working with both to increase performance and achieve goals.

Change is constant and Anna believes that TMS offers some consistency and a way of working together than can assist with navigating change issues in teams. The TMS profiles also assist with helping teams work out where they need to focus their attention.

Anna is accredited in the complete suite of TMS profiles and has applied some of these as follows:

Group Managers & Teams
Instrument Used Team Management Profile
Outcomes A way for Managers to discuss performance and coach their staff. Teams are more aware of how others react and how they like to be approached. Teams can effectively be built where there is a project need – you get the right people for the right tasks.

Teams have a common language and can use this when discussing issues in the workplace.