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Greig Caigou

Greig Caigou - Facilitator

Greig Caigou is a key member of the Outward Bound facilitator team who brings a wealth of experience to the Navigator course. He has worked in NZ with clients as varied as Spark, Transpower, Qualmark and presenting the NZ Business Challenge programme to senior students. Off-shore, clients are equally varied having worked with the United Nations and a most recent example involved facilitating retreats for 'Leadership Fiji'.

Greig has a strong appreciation of the human ability to step up to challenging and demanding situations and he believes courage and resilience is a core skill for tomorrow’s leaders. Greig enjoys working at Outward Bound because of the exceptional and inspirational people who work there. Combine this with adventure and reflection (in stunning environments) and link this to creditable leadership theory and practice and you have powerful ingredients for developing human potential . . . which Greig views as his life’s work.

Outward Bound use Team Management Services and the experience of accredited facilitators to co-deliver their 8 day Navigator Leadership Programme. The Navigator programme blends leadership theory and workshop delivery and puts knowledge into action through outdoor team challenges. The use of TMS 360 profiling and TMI reports helps Outward Bound to tailor the programme to the current needs and skill requirements of individual attendees.

Greig is an accredited provider of the Team Management Services suite of tools and for many years co-facilitated their residential leadership programmes.

Group Individuals
Instrument Used Team Management Profile Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP) Team Member 360
Outcomes Leadership - The Navigator course focuses on the important 'soft skills' required to lead others. When you step into a leadership role, the dynamics in how you engage with others can change. Being prepared with the skills to manage yourself, your relationships, and your ability to influence others is what Navigator is all about.