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Unlocking Success: A Coaching Case Study Leveraging TMP Resources

Unlocking Success: A Coaching Case Study Leveraging TMP Resources

The Team Management Profile (TMP) has a plethora of uses. From change management to role allocation, the TMP is a versatile profile. A less commonly utilised application of the profile is for coaching.

Below are some resources, accessible by accredited consultants from the secure area, which may be beneficial in the coaching process.

TMP Resource 7.1 – TMP Coaching - An Insider’s Guide

How do different roles tend to react to a coaching session and what might you (as the coach) expect from different Team Management Roles? For example, meet Maree. Maree is an EPAF Assessor Developer.

Insights for coaching Maree using the ‘Insider’s Guide’ resource:

  • Expects coach to suggest actions that could be considered
  • Need to establish clearly defined process at start
  • Will expect a coach to provide expert advice and have a good understanding of professional environment

TMP Resource 7.2 – TMP Coaching – Finding the Right Question

Each Team Management Role will respond differently to certain questions. This resource is helpful for coaches to use questions to better suit the coachees preference, therefore increasing the chance of getting a good response.

Insights for coaching Maree using the ‘Finding the Right Question’ resource:

Maree would respond well to questions like:

  • What is your analysis of the situation?
  • What are you going to do next?
  • How do you intend to move that forward?

TMP Resource 7.3 - TWM & TMP Coaching - Behaviours When Relating to Others - RIDO Scale

This resource has suggestions for how to behave in a certain way, relative to the RIDO scale. It includes specific suggestions for behaving Extroverted, Introverted, Practical, Creative, Analytical, Beliefs, Structured and Flexible. Taking our example of Maree, she is highly Flexible.

For more balance, I may suggest she practice some structured behaviours to help her with her organisation:

  • Be ruthless with your time and limit the number of things you get involved in
  • Try not to change your mind too frequently
  • Set goals and measures. Then stick to them
  • Use processes, technology and systems. e.g. Reminders

TMP Resource 7.6 - RIDO Scale Coaching - Effective Decision Making

This resource is similar to the previous, however it is only regarding decision making. Good decision making requires the use of all eight preferences. In particular, the Information (Practical and Creative) and Decision (Analytical and Beliefs) preferences. These dimensions are of particular importance to decision making because they refer to two basic stages involved in every decision: gathering and using information and arriving at a conclusion.

This resource has suggested ways to include each perspective and will help Maree view the same situation from a perspective she may not have yet considered.

Now for Maree, she is Practical and Analytical, so to encourage more balanced decision making, I could ask:


  • What’s the big picture view?
  • What original perspective could we use to view this issue?


  • How do I / we feel about this?
  • Have we heard from everyone?
  • Is there a way to include all perspectives?
  • What is the impact on people?

The Style of the Coach:

Another consideration in coaching is the potential impact a coaches style has on the individual being coached. If you are the coach, what impact may your style have on the one being coached? For example, if I am Introverted, Creative, Analytical and Structured – ICAS Thruster Organiser.

The Coach (Me) The Coachee (Maree)
ICAS – Thruster Organiser EPAF – Assessor Developer
Introverted Extroverted
Creative Practical
Analytical Analytical
Structured Flexible

How am I different from Maree? What things should I bear in mind? There are both similarities and differences in styles between Maree and I. This knowledge can inform my approach to the coaching process.

The Result:

Using the insights from the four coaching resources, reflecting on our different styles and considering my potential impact, these are things I need to consider when coaching Maree:

  • I know Maree wants to talk, let her. That suits my introverted preference
  • Don’t be too divergent with my ideas
  • Help her see the big picture
  • Be objective – suits my preference
  • Help her with deadlines
  • Establish a clearly defined process but allow for the plan to change – go with the flow
  • Prepare notes for what I want to say

These general insights and specific takeaways from the TMP resources can help formulate a clear, succinct one-pager coaching sheet. This summary will provide a clear guide on how to best coach an individual:

One Page Coaching Notes - Maree

The four resources mentioned in this coaching case study are simple to access from the TMS secure area, digest and use. This case study demonstrates the ability in which a more granular understanding of a coachee’s preference can be achieved. From this understanding comes a more productive and beneficial coaching session.

Author: Ethan Dunn
Team Management Services