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Why diverse teams succeed

If you're looking for a way to increase the successful output of your team and to foster innovation, increasing team balance makes good business sense.

Research findings show that teams with high levels of diversity are smarter, more innovative and have increased accuracy, all of which lead to above average financial returns.

Workplace diversity refers to people of different genders, cultures, nationalities, work style and even age.

Studies show a strong tendency for individuals within non-homogenous to be more accurate, compared to those in homogenous groups. Why? The research suggests that diverse teams are able to work through and re-examine facts in an objective way. This includes assessing opinions of others in the group to challenge biases or stale thinking. This keeps everyone on their toes and can positively encourage individuals to really examine their own thoughts and biases before offering an opinion.

How we process facts to reach a decision or recommendation is just as important as the decision itself. Again, research suggests that the processing of information in non-homogenous teams is done with a lot more care and thought, which of course leads to a well-rounded decision where all potential solutions have been explored, and their benefits and disadvantages assessed.

Innovation has fuelled the progression of humankind since the beginning of time and it’s still as critical, especially when a business is looking to have an edge over its competitors. Diversity leads to the introduction of new innovations that can not only transform a business, but an entire industry. Teams incorporating people with different viewpoints challenge how things have always been done, forming new solutions allowing innovation to flourish.

When recruiting team members, we have a tendency to gravitate to people like us. Resist this urge and assess the differences a potential team member has and the advantages and diverse approach they can bring to a team.

Employ diversity, embrace diversity and you’ll soon see a shift change in how your team and business performs.

Author: Peter Robinson
Team Management Services