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Back yourself!

Possessing confidence has many benefits, and for those of us who may lack trust in themselves in some areas, being able to back ourselves and our achievements can enhance your wellbeing and both career and personal satisfaction.

The good news is that you can teach yourself confidence and nurture it into your everyday life. Like any habit, once you start and put it into practice, it becomes easier. Your enjoyment at work will improve and you'll be able to start celebrating your success and feel good about your career.

If this is a new feeling for you, here are three steps to increase your confidence, which in turn will enhance your wellbeing.

  1. Note down your strong points

    Start by asking yourself a few questions, including what you excel at, key successes you have achieved, and the unique skills or knowledge that you bring to the table. If you find these difficult to put into words, do keep persevering. You only need to start with one thing, and you'll then find it easier to start thinking about yourself in a different way.

  2. Be optimistic

    Confidence and positivity go hand in hand. A positive attitude or outlook to situations is perceived by others as showing competency. And we know that when we say the same words frequently, these can come to fruition. For example, you may be involved in a large project at work, but deep down you wonder whether you will be successful. Focus on being optimistic, tell yourself you have all the skills and ability, and work step-by-step to do what you need to do to drive a successful outcome. Your positivity can indeed shape the result.

  3. Communicate

    A common trait of confident people is their ability to instil confidence in others. Confidence that you have the skills to do the task at hand can also play a role in instilling confidence in others. If you start to make it a habit to communicate what you are good at and what you have achieved, this will soon start to come naturally to you. Letting people know that you have everything sorted also leads to your colleagues, stakeholders and team leaders having more confidence in you, as you are backing yourself!

Communicating optimism and confidence is key to career progression, but it also means you get recognised for the work you are doing, which can lead to more career satisfaction and progression.

So tell yourself - "Today I will shine!" Back yourself.

Author: Peter Robinson
Team Management Services