The TMS Online Learning Activity Centre
Team Management Profile (TMP)

Offers learners a unique way of engaging with their Team Management Profile. Learners log in to their own personal Online Activity Centre where they have access to interactive Profile Applications or ‘Apps’. These Profile Applications are designed to interact with an individual’s personal Profile results. All the expert tips are also customised against an individual’s work preferences. This makes the whole feedback experience more personal and meaningful for the learner. All of the Profile Applications are available for unlimited use in the 730 days that a respondent’s Online Activity Learning Centre is active.

To try out the Online Learning Activity Centre we have setup a sample login for you, simply click here and enter the following the following details to give you access:

Activation Code: tms0188a_003590
Activation E-mail Address:
Security Key: PersonX123!
Using the link above will autopopulate the Activation Code and Email Address fields on the landing page for your convenience and only the security key is needed at that point.

Job Match

This Profile Application provides real-time personalised match information between work preferences and critical Types of Work. The interactive facility has been designed with an E-Coach video to guide participants through the Profile Application. In addition, the flag diagram provides interactive personalised feedback. Clicking on each of the flags in the diagram will provide information from a database of 200 customised texts for the respondent.



The Pacing Profile Application is an interactive activity designed to help you improve your communication with others by providing specific and customised advice on ‘pacing’ a particular individual. In the redesign, an E-Coach video, personalised to the respondent’s preferences as measured by their Team Management Profile. It has been added to guide participants through the Profile Application and the interpretation of the feedback which is selected from over 256 customised texts.


My Team

Using the My Team Profile Application, learners answer a short questionnaire and receive instant feedback on their team’s performance on the 9 critical Types of Work. Ideal for project planning, team members can save and share their results with other team members. The results are combined with their personal Team Management Profile results to produce feedback that highlights key issues and helps the individual and team put in action plans for improvement.


The Reluctant Engineer

A useful Profile Application for explaining the importance of job demand – work preference match. In this video, TMS co-author, Dr Dick McCann discusses his early days as an engineer and the problems he encountered when his work preferences didn’t match the job he was required to do.



The Overview Profile Application allows end-users to review core TMS theory with three new videos exclusive to


The Workplace Behaviour Pyramid

This video explains the concepts behind the Workplace Behaviour Pyramid - a model created by Dr Dick McCann to help individuals develop mastery in understanding self.