The TMS Online Learning Activity Centre
Opportunities Obstacles Quotient (QO2)

The latest enhancements offer learners a unique way of engaging with their Opportunities Obstacles Quotient (QO2) Profile. Learners log in to their own personal Online Learning Activity Centre where they have access to interactive Profile Applications or ‘Apps’. These Profile Applications are designed to interact with an individual’s personal Profile results. All the expert tips are also customised against an individual’s profile. This makes the whole feedback experience more personal and meaningful for the learner. All of the Profile Applications are available for unlimited use in the 730 days that a respondent's Online Learning Activity Centre is active.

To try out the Online Learning Activity Centre we have setup a sample login for you, simply click here and enter the following the following details to give you access:

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Interactive Worldwide Norms

Choose from a selection of 'norms' from our database to see how your scores compare with others in specific groups across a variety of countries, industries, professions and functional


Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones

A volume in the e-book series that describes the concepts forming the core of TMS technology. Looking at the concept of Risk-Orientation and the key components that will help determine whether someone is likely to be risk-averse or risk-accepting.



The Overview Profile Application allows end-users to review core TMS theory with three new videos exclusive to


The Careful Optimist

In this video, TMS co-author, Dr Dick McCann discusses his personal QO2 Profile results.


Project Health Check

Using the Project Health Check Application, learners answer a short questionnaire which measures how healthy their team is in regards to a current project. You rate how well your team looks for opportunities and examines potential obstacles. Data is then interpreted through the Risk-Orientation pentagon Model. The generated report can then be printed and taken along to team meetings where team members can share their views and start a discussion on aspects that might need to be addressed. An e-coach video guides you through the process.


The Workplace Behaviour Pyramid

This video explains the concepts behind the Workplace Behaviour Pyramid – a model created by Dr Dick McCann to help individuals develop mastery in understanding self.